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Coco Noot organic castile soap, body wash repels ticks and mosquitoes naturally.  Nootkatone citrus scent.  Noot ®

Organic Castile Body Wash with Nootkatone

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Pure Castile Body Soap created from the Organic oils of Olive and Coconut.  Mildly scented with Organic essential oils and Nootkatone (kosher) to form an amazing body wash for sensitive skin that repels ticks and mosquitoes, naturally!  There really is no other soap like it.  The unisex scent is faint, yet long lasting.  A hint of peppermint and citrus.  Mostly the citrus scent of the Nootkatone.

Repels Mosquitoes & Ticks

Made in U.S.A.

This NPR audio link from 2011 featuring the CDC's search for a new type of insect repellent to replace DEET is provided
solely to educate the public regarding
Nootkatone.  NPR does not endorse 
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Active Ingredient:
05% Peppermint oil
Superstar other Ingredient:   Nootkatone