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Coconut Oil Spray with Nootkatone

Coconut Oil Spray with Nootkatone

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  • Reformulated for better spray pattern (the old one was more of a squirt)
  • Emollient provides silky / dry feel upon rub-in
  • Mild citrus scent 
  • No petroleum.  No mineral oil.  No nuts
  • Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - No Fine Print!       
This NPR audio link from 2011 featuring the CDC's search for a new type of insect repellent to replace DEET is provided
solely to educate the public regarding
Nootkatone.  NPR does not endorse 
Active Ingredient 
.10% Organic Peppermint oil
Superstar Ingredients:   Coconut oil & Nootkatone
Other Ingredients:  Caprylic/Capryl Triglyceride, Diisopropyl Adipatate, Meadowfoam Seed oil, D-Limonene



Q.  I see that the active ingredient is peppermint oil.  Given the amazing insect repellent qualities reported of nootkatone, why is nootkatone not listed as an active ingredient?

A.  Great Question!  Although nootkatone has been recognized by the Center for Disease Control as a promising alternative for people who wish to avoid DEET, the EPA is the regulating authority in this space and has not yet approved it for such labeling.  The EPA does allow nootkatone to be used in insect repellents as a 'fragrance ingrediet'.  It  has for many years.  To date though, no other company has done so - due to cost, and the difficulty in educating and promoting a product while not being permitted to label in accordance with such proper education.

This is a new product launch that was six years in the making and testing.  We ask that you consider the no risk option afforded by the money back guarantee and free return shipping policy, and then please leave us a review on our facebook page.