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A New Breed!

Premium skin care products made with safe ingredients that feel too good to be natural (but they are).  Made for people who choose to stay looking as fresh as the great outdoors they can't get enough of.

Coco Noot® and Mozzi Magic® products are non sticky, non greasy, and fabric safe. The inspiration for these revolutionary products grew out of a real disappointment in the performance, feel, and smell of the nations top selling natural insect repellents.  They are ruining the natural space in this unregulated market with their false claims and poor formulations.  Their sales are impressive, but they must constantly find new uninformed customers. 

From our work in formulating extended release products in highly regulated markets, we discovered there were no natural insect repellents pleasant enough for us to use more than once.   And, extensive mosquito cage testing of the most reliable type,  CPT ( complete protection time) showed that none of the natural insect repellent products worked as advertised.  Plus, they smelled so strong!  Headache strong.  And the feel on the skin?   A child described them best.  Icky! 

Skin care products with Noot® corrects all that.  They are an industry disruptor.  These premium cosmetic grade formulations are especially gentle on skin, while possessing unique insect repelling qualities never before seen in this space.  All while using EPA approved natural ingredients exempted from registration.  With a mild citrus scent of Nootkatone - one of the world's most expensive fragrance ingredients.

Family safe for everyday use, and backed with a No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Join the revolution, and enjoy.   Naturally!